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Call for Author(s) of Policy study and Policy brief


1.1 Beneficiary countries

Republic of Macedonia

1.2 Contracting Authority

The project “Go Organic: Consumers at the Heart of the Agricultural Policy” funded by the European Union and implemented by the Consumers’ Organization of Macedonia in partnership with the Association for Development Initiatives – Zenith from Skopje and the Association of Agro-Journalists “Media Plus” from Skopje.

1.3 Project summary

The project’s goal is to contribute in creating an enabling environment for organic food production in the Republic of Macedonia in line with consumer interests. The project aims to empower civil society for developing evidence-based and EU modelled recommendations for improving legal and policy framework on organic production as a form of sustainable agriculture, as well as to advocate for taking in consideration consumer interests in formulating and implementing agricultural policies. Thus, the cooperation between relevant CSOs, public authorities, farmers and media will be strengthened in the quest for stimulating growth of organic production and consumption. Moreover, the project will look to increase the consumer awareness on health, environmental and social benefits of organic products.


2.1 Overall objective

Developing evidence-based and EU modelled recommendations for improving legal and policy framework on organic production in the country as a form of sustainable agriculture, in line with consumer interests.

2.2 Purpose

The purpose of this Contract is as follows:

Drafting a policy study and policy brief with recommendations in a form of proposals for inclusion of measures aimed at stimulating organic production in the consumer protection programs on local and national level and for other relevant policies and programs related with organic production, including the National Plan for Organic Production 2013–2020 and National Strategy for agriculture and rural development 2014-2020. The study will also examine needs and possibilities for developing a comprehensive Strategy for Organic production and will provide an outline of such document. The study will incorporate the key findings from the analyses of the legal and policy framework on consumer protection and sustainable agriculture as well as the analysis of the institutional framework.

Writing a Policy brief

2.3 Results to be achieved by the Author(s)

  • Policy study
  • Policy brief


3.1 Assumptions underlying the project intervention

  • Public authorities are not ready to include the proposals in the in the policy documents.

3.2 Risks

  • Risks of personnel changes in the relevant authorities


4.1 Description of the assignment

Preparing Policy study and Policy brief based, among other things, on previously prepared “Report on the legal and policy framework – with special focus on organic food production and review recommendations as well as evidence and arguments for the advocacy activities” and “Report for institutional framework (regulatory authorities for monitoring organic production, availability of information for the consumers for food safety, environment protection and farmers’ health, including transparency of data on pesticide residues in food produce in Macedonia).”

4.2 Outputs

  • Policy study
  • Policy brief

4.3 Responsible body

The author(s) are responsible for all activities and delivery of results regarding their Contracts with the support of Contracting Authority.


5.1 Location

The tasks will be carried out on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

5.2 Start date & period of the implementation of tasks

The author(s) will have to adhere to the following time frame:

  • To finalize the Policy Study and Policy brief no later than 30th April 2018.


6.1 Personnel

Author or team of two authors may apply for this assignment. The Author(s) should have legal and/or economic background.

Note that civil servants and other staff of the public administration of the beneficiary country cannot be proposed as experts, unless prior written approval has been obtained from the European Commission. All experts must be independent and free from conflicts of interest in the responsibilities they take on.


7.1 Reporting requirements

The author(s) will provide a Policy study and Policy brief no later than 30th of April 2018. The documents will be prepared in Macedonian language.

Approval of the report by the Contracting Authority will be the basis for the final payment to the experts in accordance with a concluded contract for work.


Interested potential candidate (s) are invited to hand-deliver or submit the offer by post mail, e-mail, telefax or a currier no later than 9th of April 2018 to the following e-mail address: opm@opm.org.mk.

In addition to the offer, tenderer(s) must provide the following:

  • CV with the references
  • Organisation and methodology (filled in template; you can download the template HERE)
  • Filled-in and signed Declaration by Tenderer (you can download the template HERE)

Please note that the budget (financial offer) must be provided in EUR with prices without VAT and that you may submit only one offer per this invitation. The maximum gross value of the Contract is EUR 1800 (MKD 110.800). The contract shall be awarded based on the best value for money.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on email or telephone: kostovski@opm.org.mk; 070/266-931.